Antamina Drainage Pumpback Project

Antamina, Peru

The Antamina Mine is a large copper-zinc-molybdenum mine located 200 km northeast of Lima in the high Andes of Peru, at approximately 4,200 meters above sea level. The main facilities at the mine consist of an open pit with rock waste dumps, a processing concentrator, a tailings impoundment and a low grade stockpile.

A surface water management system is composed of a system of lined ponds, ditches, pump back stations, and sodium hydroxide dosing to control the quality of surface water released to the environment. The new pump back system was required to accommodate the extension of the low grade stockpile at the mine. The water pump back system is consisted of three pump stations – each containing 3 to 4 pumps – operating in series, Pump Station No. 1, a Booster Station and Pump Station No. 2, and two new surface water containment ponds. The total flow rate available will be 1350 m3/hr with a total head of approximately 295 m from the lowest of the new containment ponds to the discharge of Pump Station No. 2. The system is designed for 24/7 operation.

Klohn Crippen was retained to carry out preliminary design, which led to the detailed design of the pump back system.


  • Site investigation
  • Cost estimates
  • Preliminary and detail design
  • Economic analysis
Antamina Pump System 3 years ago
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