Glenmore Dam and Reservoir Upgrades

Glenmore Dam

Glenmore Dam and Reservoir are located on the Elbow River within the City of Calgary. The 320 m long, 30 m high concrete gravity dam was built in 1932 primarily to supply water to the residents of Calgary. Upgrades are needed to improve reservoir operations and to repair deteriorated portions of the dam and related facilities.

One major upgrade consists of replacement of the timber stoplogs located across the 7 spillway bays. These stoplogs are installed at the end of the flood season to increase the available live storage during the fall/winter low flow period. However since they are not designed for ice loads they must be removed prior to reservoir ice formation. The new electrically operated vertical lift gates, designed for ice loads, will increase winter storage and enhance flood management. Other significant upgrades include replacement of the deteriorated bridge deck across the dam, relocation of the main feedermain located on the bridge deck, enlargement of the low flow bypass pipeline to better manage riparian releases, and replacement of antiquated raw water pumping equipment. Multiple contract packages will be used to tender and construct the upgrades.


  • Site investigations
  • Preliminary and detailed designs of the dam upgrades including bridge deck, vertical lift gates, and low flow bypass pipeline
  • Environmental assessments and regulatory submissions
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Construction contract administration and monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring during construction
  • Post construction documentation and warranty inspections

Sustainable Project Attributes

  • Enlarging the low flow bypass to better manage riparian releases during fish spawning periods.
  • Replacing 83 year old turbine driven and electrically driven pumps with new much more efficient units.
  • Recycling of concrete and steel materials from required demolition. Modification of tailings management area design to reduce footprint, dam material volumes, minimize costs, and reduce environmental impacts.
Glenmore Dam 2 years ago
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