Glenmore Dam Stoplog Replacement

Calgary, AB, Canada

Replacement of the existing timber stoplogs located within the seven spillway bays is required as part of the upgrades to the Glenmore Dam. The existing stoplogs are installed at the end of the flood season to increase the available live storage during the subsequent low flow period.  However since the stop logs are not designed for ice loads they must be removed prior to reservoir ice formation. In addition to being able to handle ice loads, the new system must not reduce the width of the spillway crest and its ability to pass flood flows during the probable maximum flood event.

A conceptual review of various gating systems identified that a vertical lift gate system is the preferred option. Preliminary designs of the new gate system including hoists and operating deck, and structural modifications to the existing structure, are underway. Detailed design will follow to facilitate construction scheduled for 2014.

Klohn Crippen Berger is the prime consultant for the project and is also responsible the hydraulic, structural, mechanical, electrical and controls designs.

Glenmore Dam 3 years ago
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