Mount Isa Pits Groundwater Impact Assessment

Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia
89 Camooweal Street Mount Isa City Queensland 4825 AU

The Mount Isa Mine is located adjacent to Mount Isa in far northwest Queensland. The study area for this project was focused on the area within the vicinity of the Black Star Open Cut (BSOC), Kennedy Siltstone Open Cut (KSOC), BSOC waste rock dump (BSOC WRD) and Kings Gully.

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd (KCB) was commissioned by Xstrata Mount Isa Mines (XMIM) to undertake an assessment of the potential impacts to the groundwater system as a result of the Black Star Open Cut (BSOC) pit expansion, produce the closure water balance for Kennedy Siltstone Open Cut (KSOC) and BSOC, and model water levels and water qualities during pit recovery to assess post-closure impacts.

Aspects of this work included:

  • Hydrogeology studies used to:
    • Review of hydrogeology in the surrounding area.
    • Groundwater modelling to assess potential impacts to local and regional groundwater systems during operations and post-closure.
    • Provision of a groundwater management plan during construction and operation based on the modelling results.
  • Water Balance development of BSOC and KSOC pits to:
    • Assess steady-state pit water levels at closure.
    • Assess evolution of void water quality after post water level stabilisation.
    • Determine the risks associated with storing potentially contaminated water in each of the pit voids.
    • Assess the potential recharge to the groundwater system.
Mount Isa 6 months ago
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