Ok Tedi Gold/Copper Mine

Western Province, Papua New Guinea

The Ok Tedi Mine is located in the remote Star Mountain region of Western Province, Papua New Guinea near the Irian Jaya border.  The open pit mine commenced operations in mid-1984 as a 25,000 tonne/day gold mine and has expanded to an 80,000 tonne/day copper/gold operation.  Klohn Crippen Berger’s (KCB) assignments on this major project included the provision of consulting engineering services relating to tailings and waste rock disposal and hydroelectric development.

Some of the major projects that KCB has carried out for the Ok Tedi mine include dredge sand disposal design and construction monitoring; KCB has designed and is undertaking ongoing reviews of the construction of the Bige tailings sand storage facility.  This is designed to store 20 million tonnes/year of tailings sand for the remaining mine life.

KCB has also designed and provided on-site technical support during construction for the Ok Menga 50 MW Hydropower Project.

KCB has also provided access road design to Bige, Lukwi tailings area and the Ok Menga powerhouse.


  • Dredge and sand disposal design
  • Design and construction monitoring
  • Provision of on-site technical support
  • Access road design
  • Waste rock disposal
  • Acid mine drainage mitigation
Ok Tedi Mine 3 years ago
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