Tampakan Copper Project

Tampakan, Philippines

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) carried out the feasibility study for the mine waste and water components for this proposed 1.2B t open pit copper mine located in south-central Mindanao. The work included geochemistry assessment and modelling for the mine rock and tailings, which contain elevated sulphides and associated metals. The tailings facility comprised a 300 m-high cyclone sand dam, which is located in a weak geological environment, with high seismicity and high rainfall. The water management facilities included segregation, collection and treatment of all process affected waters. The non-contact water systems included major canals and water storage/diversion dams to minimize the extent of contact water.

Design of the mine rock dumps included construction of interior dams to maximize saturation of acidic rock and placement of materials to minimize oxygen ingress. Working closely with other EPC team members, KCB provided conceptual through to feasibility-level design of tailings and waste rock storage facilities for 1.2B t of tailings and 900M t of waste rock. ARD/ML characterization of all waste rock and tailings was a key factor in the waste management plant.

Tampakan Project 3 years ago
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