Tampakan Updated Site Wide Water Balance Model

Tampakan, Mindanao, Philippines
Danlag - Bong Mal - Kimlawis Road Tampakan Region XII PH

The Tampakan Copper Gold Project is located in the Tampakan province of Mindanao, the largest of the Philippine islands. Klohn Crippen Berger was retained by Sagittarius Mines Inc. (SMI) to rebuild the Tampakan ESIA site wide water balance model, which was undertaken in a staged approach of two phases.

Phase 1 comprised an update of the climate data to include the most recent raw data, and to convert the data into a format which can be used directly in the GoldSim model to simulate rainfall, evaporation and runoff. In doing so, running time of the subsequent model simulations were significantly decreased and allowed for more robust statistical conclusions to be drawn from the results.

Phase 2 included rebuilding the water balance model in GoldSim with climate data generated in Phase 1, the latest mine plan and operating criteria, and extending the model boundaries to the NIA dam downstream from the project site, as well as addressing comments received from external reviewers during the feasibility study. The validity of the updated model was determined by comparing the results of the model against simulations of the previous ESIA water balance model. 

Phase 3 (not fully defined at present) is anticipated to include additional model simulations to determine the sensitivity of the mine’s water management plan to changes in the downstream irrigation requirements.

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