Water Resources

KCB's water resource professionals are actively involved in hydro power developments, water diversion, storage, and conveyance facilities for irrigation projects, surface water management and treatment for mining projects, dykes and river training works for flood and erosion protection projects, flood mapping for emergency preparedness planning, fish passage facilities, and streamflow, lake level and climate monitoring for environmental assessments.

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McGregor Dam
Glenmore Dam
Morrison Dam
Seymour Falls Dam

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  • Watershed management
  • Surface water drainage and management
  • River engineering and fish passage facilities
  • Hydrologic and hydrotechnical assessments
  • Dam breach and inundation mapping
  • Groundwater modelling and seepage mitigation design
  • Diversion works and conveyance systems
  • Dewatering design and implementation
  • Dams and hydraulic structures
  • Flood and erosion protection works
  • Water balance modelling
  • Environmental assessments and permitting

Technical Papers

Quinn, J., B. Chin, M. Pernito and J. Scammell. 2014. “Geotechnical Assessment of Alameda Dam

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2012 CEA AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Water Resources & Energy Production and Community Development Calgary Bow River Weir Project, Alberta