For Our People

KCB has been an exemplary employer for over 60 years. We understand that our most important asset is a happy, healthy and fulfilled workforce.  Our staff has many opportunities to get involved and drive their professional and personal development by participating in the many employee-initiated and corporate-driven opportunities.

Career Development

To continue to grow and sustain our organization, KCB is committed to developing the next generation of talented professionals within our organization by providing them with the training, tools and resources that will enable their professional development through means such as:

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching, motivating and leading high performance teams
  • Leadership development
  • Advanced presentation and facilitation skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Financial skills for non-financial managers
  • Fostering client relationships


  • Young Professionals aim to create a community across all disciplines within KCB and provide a platform to foster career development.
  • Women in Klohn helps attract, retain and engage women at KCB to shape the future in a positive way.
  • Global Sustainability Committee is committed to Build a Better World by applying a standard of reporting on our sustainability practices, communicating our successes and identifying opportunities for change as it applies to economic, environmental and social aspects.
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees are committed to keep workers safe and healthy by promoting KCB’s health & safety management system, working towards continual improvement and monitoring H&S compliance.
  • Environmental Committees work towards reducing the environmental impacts of our offices.
  • Social Committees plan social events for KCB employees in an effort to increase opportunities for internal networking and, of course, fun!