Emergency Information

Report an Emergency

Report the emergency first to your manager, supervisor or Project Manager, as applicable. If they cannot be contacted, and the issue occurs after business hours, call the Emergency Hotline at 1-604-669-3800 and leave a message by selecting option 3. The message is recorded and an alert texted to senior managers (currently the Directors of HR, QHSE and IT) for action.

Emergency Communications

During regular business hours, you will hear about an emergency by either:

  • An alarm and/or public announcement
  • Communication from KCB managers, supervisors or emergency response personnel (i.e. Emergency Coordinators, Floor Wardens or First Aiders)
  • A broadcast e-mail, text message and/or Infodesk news alert posting

Outside regular business hours, you will hear about an emergency, including information about office closures and instructions on reporting to work, by either:

In the event an emergency prevents you from travelling and reporting to work, listen for advice from local emergency authorities on TV or radio news channels.