IEG Experience

Environmental monitoring

Western Arctic DEW Line Sites. For several years IEG has completed landfill monitoring at seven western arctic DEW Line sites for both Defence Construction Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. IEG has a contract to undertake DCC landfill monitoring until 2008.

Mackenzie Delta Oil & Gas Staging Area. For the past two years IEG has completed the monitoring at a former Oil & Gas staging area in the Mackenzie Delta.

Environmental site assessments

Drilling Sump ESAs – Mackenzie Delta. More than 100 environmental site assessments of drilling sumps were completed for Shell Canada Ltd., Conoco Phillips Canada, Imperial Oil, Chevron Canada, and Devon Canada. A site-specific database was developed to house all data.

ESA, Johnson Point Oil & Gas Staging Area – High Arctic. Johnson Point was used in the 1970s as a staging area for oil and gas exploration on Banks Island.

Site remediation

LORAN Site Remediation – Kittigazuit, NT. For this three-year remediation project, IEG managed the environmental cleanup and was responsible for contractors, accommodation, logistics, and safety. We offered a total turn key solution to our client.

Environmental health & safety management

IDC Risk-Based Review. After conducting a risk-based review of all Inuvialuit Development Corporation operating entities, we selected seven for a detailed systems assessment. These independent operating entities within the IDC cover the oil & gas exploration, transportation and construction sectors.

We identified aspects of alignment with recognized industry practices as well as opportunities for improvement.

Permitting and regulatory affairs

Niglintgak Anchor Field. Since 2003 IEG has provided ongoing regulatory support for Shell Canada Limited’s Niglintgak Anchor Field development project within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. As one of the three anchor field developments that comprise the Mackenzie Gas Project, this project concerns the extraction and transmission of natural gas from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to the North American marketplace.