Valuing Diversity

Bringing different people with different experiences together

At KCB, each of our employees brings a different perspective, work experience, life style and culture into the workplace.  We strive to create a work environment in which differences are valued and respected so all employees can attain their career goals, and thereby make a full contribution towards the company’s business objectives.

Our employee group is very multicultural, having come to us from a wide variety of countries representing different backgrounds and unique experiences:

  • 34% of our staff members are women
  • The average age of our staff is 42 years
  • Our staff come from over 50 different countries
  • Out of our 400+ employees, over 200 speak another language other than their native tongue and approximately 25 different languages are spoken throughout our offices around the world

KCB has a number of programs and initiatives that support a very diverse workplace including:

  • Resources for newcomers to Canada / Australia – Our Australian and Canadian offices have developed a number of tools and resources to aid employees new to the country get settled in their new residence and integrated into the organization.
  • Women in Klohn –  We recently developed a forum for women at KCB to enable real-time networking between our offices around the globe, hold open discussions on topics of mutual interest, share new initiatives to help support the business, and provide a venue to offer advice on work-related challenges.
  • Employee Wellness Programs – KCB provides financial support for employees related to their retirement plans and insurance and income replacement programs to ensure they and their dependents are well looked after in the event of illness or injury.
  • Employee Assistance Program – Through our Australian and Canadian offices, we have a program that gives our staff access to real-time resources and services to assist them with personal health, financial, legal or other issues.
  • Social Activities – All our offices provide a wide variety of opportunities for employees to mingle and network with others in friendly social settings.
  • Employment Equity – It is KCB’s policy to make decisions on hiring, promotion, job assignment and training, rewards and other human resource management functions on the basis of qualifications, ability, and performance. This ensures equality of treatment and opportunity for all employees and job applicants regardless of race, national origin, colour, religion, sex, marital status, physical disability or any other factor unrelated to job performance.