Our Culture

What it’s like to work here

We believe in working as a team, collaborating and communicating openly to share ideas and knowledge, and of course having fun while doing what we love.

Giving back

We believe in giving back to our community through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, including charitable initiatives, support of education and our commitment to the environment.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is for the most part employee driven. We believe that by supporting causes that employees are passionate about we build a healthy environment in which they feel engaged and supported. This positively impacts our professional practice and the communities we serve.

We support a number of ongoing community initiatives through various employee led programs and charity drives. KCB also supports education through university endowments, co-op programs and guest lectures.  In our operations, we look for ways to minimize our impact on the environment such as reducing our energy use, waste management, recycling and composting initiatives, as well as responsible purchasing habits.

Get the inside scoop

Click on each video to hear what our people have to say about our unique culture, team spirit, and why KCB is a great place to work.