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Discover a career that will move you

Have you been thinking about making a move? Are you looking for:

  • Great projects to work on
  • Interesting locations
  • Terrific people to work with
  • Exciting career opportunities
  • A growing, profitable and stable company
  • A chance to make a real difference and build a legacy
  • A bit of adventure

KCB offers you the chance to challenge yourself, we also provide exciting opportunities to live and work in beautiful and fascinating destinations around the world. Whether you’re interested in making a short-term move or starting a whole new life, there’s an adventure waiting for you with KCB.

Our offices are located in Canada, Australia, Peru and the UK. Read on to learn some amazing facts about these regions. Visit our KCB “Move-to” Resource Centre where you’ll find tools, resources and other useful links with country specific information on immigration, culture and professional associations.

Work in Canada

canada-flagCanada is a multicultural nation, known around the world for its high standard of living and friendly people. It welcomes more new residents each year, per capita, than any other country. Stability, healthcare, culture and education are all factors that attract new immigrants. Canada also offers a progressive culture and a thriving economy.

One of world’s wealthiest nations, Canada’s strong economy is based on the manufacturing, mining and service sectors. Canada is also recognized as an industrial nation with a highly developed science and technology sector, as well as being one of the few developed countries that are net exporters of energy. In addition to its cosmopolitan cities, Canada offers a vast expanse of natural wonders to explore, from grand mountain ranges, to sweeping coastlines, to a wide variety of forest regions and lakes.

Work in Australia

australia-flagSimilarly to Canada, Australia is consistently rated at the top of the world’s most desirable places to live, based on economic factors and quality of living. Australia is an exciting country with vast tracts of national parks, filled with some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife.

There is a close connection to both land and sea in Australia – whether exploring the wilderness or enjoying the beach lifestyle. It also offers vibrant cities, where residents enjoy modern cultural venues, high-energy sporting events and numerous beautiful beaches. The Australian people are known for being fun-loving and warm-hearted.

Work in Peru

peru-flagThe diverse landscape in Peru includes the Andes mountain range, the Amazon rainforest and the coastal desert. Peru’s centuries-old cultural and artistic traditions live on today, highlighted within its old-meets-new urban centres.

The wide variety of cultural influences, including Amerindian and Spanish traditions along with African, Asian, and European ethnic groups, makes for a rich experience. Peru offers opportunities to see ancient ruins, sample exotic cuisine and enjoy diverse music and arts.