Moving to Canada

Canada is a stunningly beautiful nation with something for everyone including incredible natural scenery, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan cities.   |   |   Tom Brokaw’s take on Canada

British Columbia

bc-thumbnailVancouver, British Columbia is where KCB’s headquarters are located and the location with the largest number of KCB staff. Beautiful British Columbia is located on Canada’s west coast, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. BC is an adventurer’s paradise, offering a diverse array of breathtaking scenery, tons of outdoor recreation opportunities, and a generally temperate climate.     |


Vancouver-thumbnailAs a result of its exciting culture, high standard of living and close proximity to spectacular outdoor activities, Vancouver has received numerous awards, including being chosen as the world’s “Most Livable City” eight times between 2002 and 2011. Surrounded by majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage in all four seasons, Vancouver caters to any interest throughout the year.   |   |


alberta-thumbnailAs the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, Alberta offers a wide variety of outdoor activities in every season. The Alberta economy is one of the strongest in Canada.   |


calgary-thumbnailCalgary is a welcoming and progressive city with a thriving economy, surrounded by natural attractions. It offers an exciting combination of traditional western North American culture along with a variety of festivals and sporting events.   |


edmonton-thumbnailLocated on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and a major economic centre. Known as “The Festival City”, Edmonton hosts a wide variety of musical and theatrical festivals throughout the year. It is also home to the country’s largest living history museum and North America’s biggest indoor shopping mall.   |


lloydminster-thumbnailLloydminster is a scenic community with small town charm and urban conveniences. This growing community offers sports facilities, recreation activities, farmers markets, an arts market and a variety of museums.   |


Saskatchewan-thumbnailSaskatchewan offers a wide range of outdoor activities and cultural attractions, and a friendly, down-to-earth attitude. There are over 100,000 lakes and rivers in Saskatchewan. Its wide-open landscape is home to expansive, colourful skies and expansive horizons.   |


Saskatoon-thumbnailThe largest city in the province, Saskatoon is a fun, friendly place on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. With the University of Saskatchewan’s vibrant campus at its centre, the city offers beautiful riverbank trails and many cultural attractions.   |


Ontario-thumbnailCanada’s most populous province, Ontario is home to the national capital, Ottawa, and the country’s largest city, Toronto. Ontario offers a diverse experience in every way, with its varied landscape, multiculturalism and many exciting destinations.


Sudbury-thumbnailSudbury is the largest city in the northern Ontario region and is surrounded by natural wonders and unique geographic features, lakes and parks. It also features Northern Ontario’s most popular attraction, Science North and offers family livability and cultural diversity within easy driving distance of Canada’s largest urban centres.


Toronto-thumbnailToronto is a diverse and dynamic destination that has something to offer everyone as a multicultural and cosmopolitan capital. Toronto showcases a vibrant variety of sights and sounds, from an inspired culture, innovative festivals and world-class sporting events to an enticing international cuisine and premier shopping.   |