Engineering Services

Tailings Management

  • Tailings technologies – thickened, paste, dewatered, desulphurised, cycloned
  • Design for all types of climatic, physiographic, environmental and social conditions
  • Design for sustainable and low risk closure
  • Water management, recycle and seepage mitigation
  • Geomembrane-lined facilities
  • Tailings slurry pumping systems
  • Water reclaim systems

Dam Design

  • Geotechnical design – seismicity, seepage control, stability, natural hazards and water management
  • Centerline, upstream and downstream design
  • Rockfill dams
  • Cycloned-sand embankments
  • Operation, maintenance and surveillance manuals
  • Dam inspections and dam safety reviews
  • Modeling – dam break, deposition, seepage

Other Engineering Designs

  • Waste rock dumps
  • Slope stability and embankment engineering
  • Site investigations, instrumentation and monitoring
  • Earthquake engineering and seismic hazard assessments
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Ground improvement/foundation engineering
  • Retaining wall and rock-fall protection structures
  • Access roads, bridges, tunnels