Klohn Crippen Berger co-awarded 2009 CEO Award

June 4, 2009

Innovative environmental engineering and a vast 100-year old mining complex in Greater Sudbury, are an award-winning combination for KCB and Vale Inco. The project, Gaining Real-time Control of Surface Water and Treatment is a success story for the environment, the community, Vale Inco and KCB engineers and scientists. The extensive mining complex, roughly the size of Manhattan, experiences a huge amount of runoff with a wide seasonal variation.  The challenge was to moderate seasonal peak flows to improve the efficiency and reliability of the large central water treatment plant and provide safeguards for upset conditions and power failures.  The proximity of the site to population centers compounded this challenge, making the project very exciting and rewarding throughout the 10 year implementation period. The solution is a $100 Million dollar retrofit, featuring 21 principal reservoirs and fibre optic links to enable real-time monitoring and remote flow control to collect, store, manage and treat water prior to release to the environment. Engineering excellence is recognised annually by Consulting Engineers of Ontario with awards of excellence and merit in five categories. The 2009 awards were presented in Ottawa at an awards banquet on June 2nd. The awards recognize the knowledge, skill and expertise of consulting engineers in Ontario and showcase the importance of consulting engineering to the economic, social and environmental quality of life in Ontario.