Nullagine Gold Project

KCB was commissioned to undertake hydrogeological investigations associated with the groundwater license applications at the site, as well as feasibility study investigations and on-going services during mine operation. Services provided include baseline characterisation of the groundwater system; establishment of a groundwater monitoring network and program; assessment of pit dewatering requirements; and, establishment of a water balance / water management plan for assessment of operations supply and demand balances over time.


  • A need to increase the project water supply was identified, based on the predicted long-term water supply and operations demand balance.
  • Developing a sustainable water management strategy based on the limited resources available for the project.


  • Geophysical surveying for drill target selection, production bore network installation and hydrogeological testing for assessment of sustainable yield.
  • KCB provided advice on and supported the commissioning of the pumping and reticulation infrastructure for the production bore network.


  • KCB supervised the drilling of the highest yielding bore on the mine. Final airlifts of approximately 24 L/s were achieved.
  • Good relationships have been developed with site personnel and the client has expressed satisfaction for all works completed by KCB.