Annacis Channel West Bridge

Annacis Island, Delta, BC, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger was retained by the BC Ministry of Transportation to provide complete design services for the Annacis Channel West Bridge. The bridge crosses the Fraser River between Annacis Island and Richmond, British Columbia. This reinforced concrete structure comprises a 300 m-long main span with two elevated approaches on the north side. The superstructure incorporates precast, pretensioned concrete girders made continuous over the river spans via staged post-tensioned construction. The deck is designed to be continuous for 300 m between expansion joints to reduce maintenance and improve seismic performance. The majority of the structure is founded on 914 mm-diameter steel pipe piles driven to approximately 70 m depth. These piles were designed as friction piles and will permit a stable rocking foundation response under seismic loading. 


  • Complete structural design services
  • Construction monitoring services
Annacis Channel West Bridge 4 years ago
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