Buvu Waste Rock Dump

Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
Demakwa - Digicel Tower Road Morobe Province PG

The Wafi-Golpu unincorporated joint venture (WGJV) propose to develop the Golpu mineral deposit, located approximately 65 km southwest of Lae, in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG). As part of the project KCB developed a preliminary design for a proposed spoil dump located adjacent to Buvu Creek (Buvu Spoil Dump), with anticipated storage capacity of up to approximately 376,000 m3. This was completed in November 2012. The Buvu Spoil Dump was to receive excess cut material generated from the surface advanced exploration works (access roads). The design scope was revised in December 2012 to store waste rock from a vent ridge pad and two associated vent shafts. The (now) Buvu Waste Rock Dump (WRD) design had an anticipated total storage capacity of approximately 1,520,000 m3 and an ultimate height of 92 m. All of the material placed in the Buvu WRD was assumed to be non-acid forming (NAF). The main engineering areas were as follows: 

  • Geotechnical Design – slope stability modelling
  • Surface water Management (SWM)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)

Scope of Services:

The major tasks were:

  • Site identification, sizing and development for a dump site to store the excess spoil material generated from the construction of the WALR, vent pad and vent shafts;
  • Site characterisation and review available hydrological, geological and geomorphological information;
  • Develop design criteria based on project requirements;
  • Undertake preliminary design and develop conceptual project layouts based on the established design criteria; and,
  • Preparation of general construction methodology and closure plan based on key design assumptions.
Buvu Waste Rock Dump 1 year ago
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