CN Composite Barrier Wall/Rock Shed Structure

Ashcroft, BC, Canada

Client: Canadian National Railway

On November 25, 2012 a 53,000 m3 rockslide buried the Canadian National Railway (CNR) track at Mile 109.4, Ashcroft Subdivision, near Boston Bar, causing a 4-day service disruption on Canadian National’s main east-west railway connection. The rock landslide resulted in the collapse of a 21 m-long concrete rock shed originally designed to protect the railway from debris raveling out of a gully above the track. The landslide rupture surface is composed of vertical release fractures and exposed day-lighting discontinuities. A number of rock and debris landslide hazard types are identified in the post-landslide slope. The variety of magnitudes, frequencies, and seasonal occurrences estimated for these hazards posed a significant short and long term risk management challenge for construction of the track protection structure.

KCB designed an 80 m-long rock shed for CN Rail. KCB’s modular rock shed design allows for construction under railway traffic. Our five-phase methodology included:

  1. Characterization of rock slope hazards using LiDAR and field mapping
  2. Dynamic rock fall and stability analyses for conceptual design
  3. Detailed structural design of rock shed
  4. Preparing tender package and providing field services for installation of rock fall catchnet to protect work area
  5. QA / QC field services during construction.
CN Rockshed 3 years ago
CN Rockshed 3 years ago
CN Rockshed 3 years ago
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