Dyking Area 1 Pump Station Replacement

Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

Low-lying areas of the municipality of Pitt Meadows are protected from river flooding by perimeter dykes, and rely on a system of ditches, floodboxes and pump stations to control surface and groundwater levels. A drainage and irrigation study of the municipality, prepared by Klohn Crippen Berger in 2006, identified the need to increase the capacity of Pump Station (PS) No.1 from 19,000 US gpm (1.2 m3/sec) to 40,000 US gpm (2.5 m3/sec) in order to meet the desired drainage criteria for the catchment. The existing pump station, consisting of a single vertical propeller pump, was completely replaced with a new duplex pump station c/w an automatic debris screen system on the intake.


  • Preliminary design evaluation of PS replacement options
  • Fish sampling and habitat assessments
  • Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation design
  • Tendering and services during construction
Dyking Area 1 Pump Station Replacement 4 years ago
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