Eroded Riverbank Stabilization and Rehabilitation

Calgary, AB, Canada

Flow in the Elbow River fluctuates significantly and the flood of June 2013 within the Bow and Elbow Rivers caused significant flooding, infrastructure damage, and riverbank erosion at numerous locations within Calgary.  Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. (KCB) was retained by the City for the preliminary and detailed design, tendering, construction administration and resident engineering, and post-construction documentation for three riverbank erosion sites, namely: ELB03165: St. Mary’s High School, ELB05529: Elbow Retaining Wall, and ERB06244: Downstream of Stanley Park.

Preliminary design commenced with a site inspection and reconnaissance of the three erosion sites. The erosion processes at these three sites were identified and potential solutions investigated including; applying structural techniques (e.g. riprap revetment, and bioengineering techniques (e.g. brush layering).  KCB undertook a detailed environmental assessment which included rare plant and wildlife assessments and fish habitat mapping and development of habitat compensation plans.  Final designs were completed in 2014.  Construction of ELB03165 was completed in September 2014.  Tendering of ELB05529 and ERB06244 is scheduled in February 2015 with construction in April and May 2015.


  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Prepare tender and contract documents
  • Environmental assessments and support for regulatory approvals
  • Construction administration and resident engineering

Sustainable Project Attributes

  • Employed bio-engineering techniques
  • Fish habitat compensation including brush layering, plantings, and fish habitat boulders
Eroded riverbank 3 years ago
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