ETF Design and Construction

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Our Oil Sands client is constructing and is scheduled to operate a large oil sands open-pit mining venture located north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) designed the External Tailings Facility (ETF) which provides storage for all tailings streams and for the waste overburden.

Currently, KCB is providing Quality Control (QC) for the installation of internal drains, roads, perimeter ditches and large water retention ponds and for earthwork construction of the starter dyke of the ETF. The latter involves placement and compaction of approximately 13.4 Mm3 of engineered construction fill.

QC services were provided for three separate contracts and involved up to 12 field staff. KCB is also providing a site laboratory and personnel to support the construction.


  • Earthworks quality control
  • Engineering support of construction and QC
  • Engineering design
  • Site soils laboratory
  • Borrow source investigation
  • Borrow source management
  • Construction water management planning
ETF Design and Construction 3 years ago
ETF Design and Construction 3 years ago
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