Geotechnical Design and Construction of Waste Dumps, Stockpiles and other structures

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) is providing geotechnical design and construction support for several earth structures within an open pit mine. Mine development started in 2007 and KCB has been working with the client in a long term beneficial relationship since inception.

Structures designed and constructed include:

  • waste dumps (external and in-pit)
  • reclamation stockpiles, and
  • ramp cut slopes along haul roads

Geotechnical design included slope stability assessments to evaluate the factor of safety of the structures in different scenarios, employing an observational approach incorporating the client’s operational experience. The closure landscape of one key structure was designed to be a well-drained area suitable for upland vegetation including sustainable forests.

Annual site investigation and geotechnical instrumentation installation programs have been designed, supervised and managed by KCB, which provide geotechnical information regarding geological conditions and performance of the earth structures in the mine.


  • Engineering design of earth structures
  • Construction support
  • Geotechnical site investigation
  • Instrumentation installation and monitoring
  • Closure landscape design of earth structures
Oil Sands Geotechnical Design and Construction 3 years ago
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