Greens Creek Mine Tailings Storage Facility

Admiralty Island, Alaska, United States
Unnamed Road Juneau Alaska US

At Greens Creek Mine tailings are filter-pressed to a moist soil consistency at the mill and hauled to a contained dry stack impoundment, where they are spread, compacted and managed to promote stability, improve seismic performance and limit discharge of contact water to the surrounding environment. The design features of this project include lined foundations for tailings storage, sediment storage ponds, surface and subsurface water collection systems, site remediation measures, and mine access roads.

In 2012, KCB won the Canadian Consulting Engineers Award of Excellence for innovative tailings management at this site.


  • Geotechnical site investigations, including planning, field monitoring, sampling and laboratory testing
  • Cyclic laboratory test work on undisturbed samples
  • Alternatives assessments
  • Support and input for long-term planning and closure
  • Seismic hazard assessment
  • Design work and support for regulatory approval submissions
  • Detailed geotechnical and civil design for tailings foundations and ancillary structures
  • Construction monitoring
  • Support to operations with tailings placement procedures and pile stability
  • Sampling and testing of in situ tailings to assess performance of constructed works
  • Diversion and contact water management and design
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