Halifax Caisson Jetty

Halifax Harbour, Halifax, NS, Canada

In 2002, the Department of National Defence (DND) decided to construct a replacement wharf for their existing timber Jetties “J” and “K” in Halifax Harbour. This new $35 M marginal wharf, Jetty “NJ”, is to provide full-service berthing for Canadian Patrol Frigates and Advanced Logistic Support Carriers. Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) was selected as caisson designer for conceptual and final engineering phases, tender assistance and field review.

A caisson wharf was specified by DND, with a boat basin tucked in behind the main berths. The main 247 m-long wharf comprised six large reinforced concrete caissons, each typically 40 m-long and slip-formed in a local dry dock. The boat basin, designed for small craft usage, will be formed from six smaller caissons. The topside deck structure will support a rail-mounted level-luffing crane, and house a complex arrangement of full-access service tunnels for mechanical, electrical and communications systems.

After demolition of the existing timber jetties, and some dredging works, the caissons will be installed on rock fill mattress placed on native till, and then backfilled with granular materials to form the dock apron. KCB’s design assignment work also included the fendering and mooring systems, cope wall, crane rails, apron deck slab and service tunnel system, and berth scour protection. Final design was completed in late 2003, but this project awaits DND funding for construction.

Halifax Caisson Jetty 4 years ago
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