Jackpine Mine ETF – Geologic Characterization

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. (KCB) has a long tradition of excellence in geologic and geotechnical design engineering, operating for over 60 years in North America. A key aspect of our portfolio of services is characterizing the geologic understanding of ground conditions and providing geotechnical models for the purposes of geotechnical design.

We have been providing geotechnical and multi-discipline engineering support on a site with Shell Canada Energy north of Fort McMurray for over 10 years. As part of our range of services provided to Shell, KCB has been working to characterize the foundation geology that underlays the footprint of the Jackpine Mine External Tailings Facility.

KCB commenced site characterization in 2007 and work continues as more data becomes available. Historical borehole data, several KCB site investigations and yearly resource drilling amount to a total borehole count of 2238 boreholes within the footprint of the ETF and surrounding areas as of May 2014. Several test pitting programs and field observations made in open cuts have added to our understanding of the foundation geology.

Borehole data has been utilized to generate 3D geology models using Petrel© software. Model resolution has been focused on Quaternary sediments consisting of mostly glacigenic units and pre-sheared marine muds.


  • Geotechnical site investigations including drilling programs, outcrop mapping and test pitting
  • Geotechnical and geologic sample and core logging
  • Detailed evaluation and implementation of historical borehole data
  • Develop and generate 3D geology models optimized for geotechnical applications
  • Produce cross sections, isopachs and surface structure maps
  • Assist in developing foundation geology for dam design
  • Provide future borehole targets for instrumentation programs
  • Utilize geology model for groundwater applications
Geologic Characterization 3 years ago
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