Jackpine Mine Sand Cell 2

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) was contracted to design Shell Canada Energy’s (SCE) flagship Jackpine Mine’s (JPM) Sand Cell 2 (SC2) External Tailings Facility (ETF). SC2 is located immediately adjacent to SCE’s existing ETF and covers 640 hectares with 10 km of starter dyke and perimeter ditch. KCB was involved in the design from SCE’s optioneering study through detailed design and construction to commissioning.

The scope included the detailed geotechnical design of an above ground tailings dam with associated infrastructure including access roads for heavy haul traffic; borrow pits; the design of surface water ditches and culverts; and design of the seepage management systems including 3D hydro-geological modelling, and internal drain and depressurization well design.

KCB also prepared the feasibility process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation design including tie-ins to the existing tailings and gland water lines, seven modular tailings pump houses, with corresponding e-houses and substations, relocation of overhead lines carrying 72 kV, 25 kV and fiber optic cables, as well as a dredge for return-water transfer.

KCB’s experience saved SCE upwards of $20 M in capital expenses by optimizing construction schedules, operations, designs and optimizations of existing infrastructure and borrows.

The JPM SC2 project was successfully commission in April 2014, when the first fluids were discharged into the tailings pond.


  • Multi-disciplinary design services including geotechnical, civil, hydrological, hydrogeological, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, process and piping
  • Project management
  • Construction support
Jackpine Mine Sand Cell 2 3 years ago
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