Jackpine Mine

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. (KCB) completed feasibility level and detailed designs for the Jackpine Mine Expansion 1 External Tailings Facility (ETF). The ETF is up to 67 m in height, occupies an area of approximately 15 km2/s, and is situated on a buried meltwater channel system. The design considered dyke stability and seepage issues resulting from the complex foundation conditions. Surface water management included design of a temporary sedimentation pond, and the closed-circuit perimeter collection system, which consists of a perimeter ditch and collection pond. KCB also provided engineering construction supervision to support construction of a small pond within the footprint of the starter dyke.

To expand operations at the Jackpine Mine, Shell Canada Limited (Shell) has initiated several tailings projects to upgrade the site and to improve or develop the plant process. These projects are currently in various stages of engineering development and will add significant new loads on the Jackpine electrical system. Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) is currently doing the engineering for four of these projects.

Typical of these projects is the Coarse Sand Tailings disposal work.  This project will have four new pumping stations, and will increased the demand on the electrical system by 17 MVA.

To supply these additional electrical loads, KCB has done the preliminary engineering for 10 km of 72 kV and 12 km of 25 kV wood pole power lines.  The line layout was done using PLC-CADD.  Based on existing, proven, wood pole structures that can meet the extreme temperature conditions at the mine site, KCB developed eight new structure configurations to meet the changed requirements for this project; in particular the very tall poles at the mine haul road crossings.


  • Site investigations
  • Muskeg probing
  • Tailings dyke design
  • Surface water management design
  • Borrow pit characterization for starter dyke construction
  • Hydrogeological modelling
  • Groundwater management system design
  • Regulatory support
  • Engineering construction support
  • Preliminary Engineering of transmission wood pole power lines
  • Detail design of power lines
Jackpine Mine 4 years ago
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