Latchford Dam Very Low Head Turbine Technology Review

Latchford Dam

The Latchford Dam in Ontario is scheduled to be replaced in the near future and a private developer was interested in installing  Very Low Head (VLH) hydro-electric turbines and generators in the dam to produce electricity.  These turbines have been developed by MJ2 Technologies with support from NRCan.  This innovative turbine design aims to reduce civil construction costs of low head hydro developments to make projects economically viable.  The design is also described as “fish-friendly”.

KCB was commissioned to do a technical review of the VLH technology from the point of view of using water in a low head hydro installation to generate electrical energy.


  • Review of low head turbine/generator technologies
  • Developing concept designs to fit the low head turbines into the proposed dam
  • Energy studies to determine the annual energy based on upstream and downstream water level and flow data.

Sustainable Project Attributes

The low head turbines can allow energy resources in existing low head dams to be developed without the need of new dams so the environmental impact is very low in the development of this form of green hydro energy.

latchford dam 3 years ago
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