Lihir Gold Mine - Design Review of the Kapit Pit Diversion Drains

New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea
Boluminski Highway Manga PG

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd (KCB) was commissioned by Newcrest Mining Limited – Lihir (NMLL) to undertake a review of the designs for the diversion drains around the proposed Kapit Pit. 

Scope of services:

  •  Background Review
  • Review Current Design
  • Reporting


The background review was undertaken using a desktop study based on available topographic, aerial photography, previous surface water management studies, mine planning and rainfall design data and as-constructed drain documentation.

The proposed design of the Kapit Pit Diversion Drains was assessed based on their proposed layout and development of the Kapit Pit. Design runoff flows in the drain were calculated for various storm events to check the adequacy of the drain size / section. The proposed drain design was rated in terms of rainfall event. Flow velocity was evaluated and erosion protection requirements were assessed based on anticipated excavated channel materials.

Lihir Mine 1 year ago
Lihir Mine 1 year ago
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