Little Bow Reservoir

Lomond, AB, Canada

The Little Bow Reservoir (LBR) is located in southern Alberta approximately 50 km southeast of the Town of Vulcan. The LBR is one of three major reservoirs (McGregor, Travers, and LBR) that, together with more than 65 km of irrigation canals, make up the Carseland‐Bow River Headworks (CBRH) system which supplies water to the Bow River Irrigation District. Although the primary purpose of the CBRH system is to provide irrigation water supply, the system of canals and reservoirs also provides flows to a number of other municipal and landowner water users as well as opportunities for a variety of recreation activities. In order to increase storage and provide improved flood handling capabilities to meet CDA guidelines, the dam is being raised by approximately 3.5 m and extended from 1200 m to 3300 m in length. Work also includes upgrading of the riprap protection on the upstream dam slope, demolition and abandonment of the existing low level outlet structure, construction of a new outlet structure, construction of access roads and a connecting canal, and replacement of existing recreation facilities. In order to continue supply of water throughout the construction period, an earthfill cofferdam was also constructed upstream of the new outlet structure location. Reservoir lowering was coordinated with construction activities to facilitate in stream work.


  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Contract Preparation and Tender Assistance
  • Construction Administration
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Commissioning Services
  • Post Construction Record Documents
  • OMS Manual

Sustainable Project Attributes

  • Minimize disturbance footprint with borrow areas situated in reservoir areas.
  • Relocation of recreation area.


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