Mica Generating Station Unit 5 and Unit 6

Selkirk Mountains, Central Kootenay, BC, Canada

The Mica Generating Station Unit 5 and Unit 6 Project involves the installation of the final two generating units at the Mica Dam and Generating Station to add approximately 1,000 MW of capacity, upgrades to Mica town site, and development of the Seymour Arms Series Capacitor Station near Seymour Arm, BC.

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) was retained to manage the preparation of the Environmental Assessment Certificate Applications and to complete all required studies to support the Applications. KCB led a diverse team of internal and sub-consultants to gain approval for the generation facilities and associated series capacitor station in April 2010.

Since project approval KCB has been working with BC Hydro as the Environmental Manager for construction.


  • Project description
  • Terms of reference
  • Application preparation
  • Environmental baseline and impact assessment
  • Recreation assessment
  • First Nations specific assessments
  • Socio-economic Assessment management
  • Cumulative effects assessment issues management

KCB was also retained to carry out a social and environmental assessment for the project located in the overlapping Traditional Territory of 25 First Nations. KCB advised and supported the client in consultation and regulatory activities, undertook an alternatives assessment and worked with First Nations to involve them in project studies.


  • Stakeholder, First Nations and agency consultation
  • Regulatory support
    • Environmental Assessment team management
    • Project description
    • Terms of reference
  • Socio-environmental baseline and impact assessment
    • Hydrology
    • Vegetation
    • Wildlife and terrestrial resources
    • Water quality
    • Geophysical environment
    • Air quality and noise
    • Socio-economic studies
    • Overview of fisheries and aquatic resources studies
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