Muskeg River Mine

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger completed ETF and SEA December, 2013 Geotechnical Instrumentation Reports as well as SEA October and November, 2013 Track Packing Report.
Worked on ETF and SEA Annual Performance Report (to be delivered first week of February 2014).  Completed SEA El. 302 m Raise Design Report – Revision B. Ongoing operational support including instrumentation issues and proposed AFD modelling.  Working on completion of outstanding projects from 2013 (SEA Triaxial Testing Report, Cell 21 Liquifaction Assessment, ETF Tier 3).  Phase 1 of the ‘Above El. 302 m Parameteric Study’ proposal approved.

Muskeg River Mine 4 years ago
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