Pinchi Lake Mine

Pinchi Lake, BC, Canada

The Pinchi Lake Mine was a mercury mine, and it had been under care and maintenance since it ceased production in 1975. The permanent reclamation and closure works, including the tailings storage facility (TSF), the mill site, the open pit and waste rock dumps (WRDs), were completed in 2012. The Teck Metals Ltd. received the 2012 Jake McDonald Mine Reclamation Award for their outstanding reclamation achievements at the mine.


KCB has been providing geotechnical and hydrotechnical engineering services since 1997, such as:

  • Annual inspections of the TSF and WRDs
  • Flood routing and design of TSF closure spillway
  • Dam breach and inundation analysis, and dam classification
  • Rehabilitation design for the stream diversion channel
  • Construction monitoring
  • Preparation of post-closure monitoring plan (for next 50 years)
  • Preparation of operation, maintenance and surveillance manual
  • Preparation of emergency preparedness plan

Sustainable Project Attributes

Reclamation of the TSF included draining the water from the impoundment; constructing an open channel spillway; and placing and re-vegetating the soil cover on the tailings. Excess tailings dam height was trimmed and the excavated material was reused for the tailings cover.

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