Rocky Point Jetty Condition Inspection and Structural Evaluation

Metchosin, BC, Canada
The Department of National Defence (DND) owns and operates an ammunition loading and unloading jetty located at Rocky Point on the south shore of Pedder Bay, near Victoria, BC. Klohn Freundlich Associates (KFA), a joint venture between Klohn Crippen Consultants and Robert Freundlich Associates, was retained by DND in August 2001 to perform an inspection and condition survey of the Rocky Point Jetty. Rocky Point Jetty comprises two distinct but connected structures,; the original caisson wharf and the piled jetty extension.
The original 1950’s era magazine wharf, about 66 m-long by 15 m-wide, is of cellular caisson construction. Flat sheet-piles form the four circular cells and the six interlink arcs. A jetty extension, about 90-m long and generally 12 m-wide, was built to the east of the caisson wharf in 1982. This extension comprises a mixture of octagonal precast concrete piles and steel pipe piles and a concrete deck structure. A single berth on the north face of the piled jetty services naval vessels loading and unloading munitions. Timber fender piles and camel logs, backed by rubber fendering at deck level, protect the wharf against ship impact.

KFA conducted a full inspection of the jetty above and below water, including: all piling, pile wraps, caissons, deck structure and the fender pile system. Ultrasonic thickness measurements were recorded for all steel piles. The scope of work also included an engineering assessment of damage caused by a recent ship impact. From the findings of the field inspection, and an overall assessment of the condition of the jetty structure, several components were identified as needing repair or replacement. Cost estimates for the proposed repairs were developed for as a planning tool for implementation.

Rocky Point Jetty 4 years ago
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