Ruby Creek Molybdenum Mine

British Columbia, Canada

The Ruby Creek Molybdenum Mine was proposed f0r development in northwestern BC in the traditional territory of the Taku Tlingit First Nation. The Project was approved and construction initiated, but mine construction was halted in 2009 due to a sharp decrease in the price of molybdenum.


Regulatory Support

  • Project description
  • Terms of reference
  • Environmental Assessment Certificate application
  • Permit Applications (Mines Act Permit, etc)

Socio-environmental Baseline and Impact Assessment

  • Fisheries and aquatic resources
  • Wildlife and vegetation
  • Hydrogeology and groundwater quality
  • Geochemistry
  • Hydrology and surface water quality
  • Air quality
  • Heritage and cultural resources
  • Socio-economic

Consultation and Communications

  • First Nations, agency, public consultation
  • Program design, implementation and support
  • Information materials
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