Taylor Bridge Rehabilitation Program

Taylor Bridge, Taylor, BC, Canada

Klohn Crippen Berger performed a complete structural and geotechnical evaluation of the 5-span, 712 m-long, steel truss bridge as part of a deck replacement and rehabilitation program. Options for the replacement of the existing open steel grid deck were considered including a conventional concrete deck system, an orthotropic steel deck, and several types of open grid decks and concrete filled grid decks from various manufacturers. The life cycle costing analysis evaluation were performed which included the cost of the superstructure modifications associated with each option.  The replacement options were evaluated and developed considering the requirements to allow for one lane of traffic to remain open at all times.  An overview engineering check of the truss connections was undertaken after the Minneapolis Mississippi River Bridge collapse in 2007.  Emergency replacement panels were also designed as an interim measure, and the geotechnical capacity of the foundations verified.


  • Engineering analysis and load evaluation
  • Inspection of the bridge
  • Emergency deck panel repair design
  • Deck replacement option design
  • Construction cost estimates
Taylor Bridge 4 years ago
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