TransAlta Seebe Facilities 2013 Flood Restoration

Bow River, AB, Canada

In the days leading up to June 20, 2013, Southern Alberta experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding along the Bow and Kananaskis Rivers. The rain falling on already saturated ground, coupled with the steep watershed and heavy snow loads remaining in the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains, resulted in a rapid increase in the size and flow of several rivers. The TransAlta Facilities located on the Bow River: Kananaskis Dam, Horseshoe Dam, Ghost Dam, and Bearspaw Dam; and the Barrier Dam on the Kananaskis River safely handled the flood event. However, some damage occurred to the instrstructure as a result of the high water levels.

Flood damaged infrastructure included river gauges, cableways, weirs, tailrace and abutment areas, downstream channel protection, and access roads.


  • Site Inspection
  • Dam Safety Assessment
  • Erosion Damage Evaluation
  • Repair Design
  • Construction Supervision

Sustainable Project Attributes

  • Restoring critical infrastructure to permit the restoration of clean energy production.
  • Fast-tracked design-to-construction approach.
Seebe Facilites 2013 Flood Restoration 3 years ago
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