Vedder Road Interchange

Chilliwack, BC, Canada

The City of Chilliwack, together with the provincial and federal governments, tendered a design-build replacement of the Vedder Road Interchange-the main connection between the Trans Canada Highway and the cities of Chilliwack and Sardis. The project was awarded in 2002 to Emil Anderson Construction, with Klohn Crippen Berger in a lead engineering role. The project required a new signalized diamond intersection on the south side of the Trans Canada and a new loop ramp intersection on the north side. The two-lane bridge over the highway was replaced with a five-lane, 50 m, two-span structure from precast hollow core box girders. The girders are supported by cast-in-place concrete abutments on spread footings, and a pile supported centre pier. The structure was constructed in stages in order to maintain traffic flow through the busy intersection.

Difficult foundation conditions were found as the alluvial soils were potentially liquefiable in an earthquake. A staged site investigation was performed, using a number of drilling techniques. These soils also made for challenging pavement structure design.


  • Geotechnical assessments
  • Staged site investigations
  • Structural design
  • Road & pavement design
  • Critical construction staging & traffic management
  • Development of Quality Management Plan
Vedder Road Interchange 4 years ago
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