Waneta Expansion Project

Waneta Dam, Kootenay Boundary A, BC, Canada

The Waneta Expansion Project (WAX) will provide a new facility on the right bank of the Pend d’Oreille River that makes use of the head and available flow across the existing Waneta Dam, which is located on the Pend d’Oreille River in Southeastern British Columbia. The project is situated approximately 0.5 km upstream of the confluence with the Columbia River and just upstream from the Canada-US boundary. The existing facility comprises a four-unit surface powerhouse with a total rated capacity of 350 MW and the dam has nine spillway bays equipped with vertical-lift gates. The Waneta reservoir has very limited storage and the project is operated essentially in a run-of-river mode. The hydraulic capacity of the existing turbines at Waneta is substantially less than that of the Seven Mile and Boundary Projects situated 10 km and 26 km upstream, respectively. The WAX powerhouse will be a separate facility located approximately 250 m downstream of the existing dam and powerhouse and will have an installed capacity of 335 MW.

In October 2000, CBT/CPC retained Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) to undertake review of development options and prepare conceptual design for an expansion of the generating capacity at the Waneta Dam (the Waneta Expansion Project). At that time, KCB had already successfully assisted the same Owner during construction of the 185 MW Arrow Lakes GS Project and was involved in the execution of the 120 MW Brilliant Expansion Project.

In June 2001, CBT/CPC awarded KCB a contract to act as their Owner’s Engineer and provide engineering services for WAX project development work. This work comprised the preparation of the Project Definition report (PDR), which included: a detailed compilation of all technical, engineering, hydraulic modeling and environmental data; existing facilities descriptions; existing and future reservoir operations; operational changes to upstream projects; geology; design, construction and operation criteria; evaluation of alternatives; energy estimates; transmission requirements; possible environmental effects during construction and operation; potential mitigation measures; overview of environmental and project licensing requirements; and supporting documentation for the Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC). KCB also participated in the public and agency consultation meetings and the preparation of the Environmental Assessment Certificate Application.

In January 2006, KCB began assisting the Owner with the implementation of the design-build process including the development of Owner’s Requirements, geotechnical baseline investigations, finalization of RFP documents, selection of design-build (D-B) teams to bid the Project, evaluation of the proposals and the finalization of the design-build contract with the successful proponent.

In October 2010, the D-B contract was awarded on-site construction was mobilized in early 2011.  As Owner’s Consultant, KCB is currently responsible for reviewing the D-B proponent’s design, on-site construction monitoring and assisting the Owner with contract administration from commencement until completion of the construction, in 2015.


  • Site reconnaissance
  • Field investigations
  • Engineering design
  • Energy studies
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction planning and scheduling
  • Environmental assessment assistance
  • Licensing
  • Owner’s Consultant
  • Design review
  • Construction monitoring and geotechnical audits
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