Wilsey Lake Dam Safety Review

Shuswap River, North Okanagan F, BC, Canada

Wilsey Dam was completed in 1928 and it is situated on the Shuswap River between Sugar Lake and Mabel Lake at the Shuswap Falls and is approximately 40 km east of Vernon, BC.  The Wilsey Dam retains a small headpond providing the head for power generation at the 5.2 MW powerhouse, located 140 m-downstream of the dam.  The headpond at Wilsey Dam has very little storage and the generating station is run-of-river.  Flood control and regulation of the Shuswap River for power generation purposes, is provided entirely by the upstream Sugar Lake Dam.

Klohn Crippen Berger was retained by BC Hydro to perform a Dam Safety Review (DSR) of the Wilsey Dam in accordance with the requirements of the statutory BC Dam Safety Regulation, BC Hydro’s policies and standards, and CDA Dam Safety Guidelines.  The scope of work included the review of all existing data, site visit, review of dam safety management procedures, design and construction details, operation maintenance and surveillance procedures and emergency plans. A Hazards and Failure Modes Matrix was also completed for the dam at the same time as the Dam Safety Review. This analysis identified all probable external and internal hazards imposed on the dam and the associated failure modes. The Hazards and Failure Modes Matrix was used with the standards-based review to obtain a broader understanding of the safety management of the dam. A detailed DSR report was produced which included any identified deficiencies or non-conformances and the recommended prioritization to resolve the deficiencies or non-conformances.

Wilsey Lake Dam 4 years ago
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