Public Safety Assessment at Boundary and Morrison Dams

SaskPower has commenced a re-assessment of public safety at its generating facilities following the principles and processes outlined in the 2011 CDA Guidelines for Public Safety around Dams (CDA Guidelines). To begin this initiative, public safety assessments were commissioned for SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station (BDPS) and Poplar River Power Station (PRPS).

Klohn Crippen Berger was commissioned to conduct public safety assessments at BDPS and PRPS following the CDA Guidelines. A public safety risk assessment, evaluation and decision-making process was developed to meet SaskPower’s level of risk tolerance following the principles and assessment approach provided in the CDA Guidelines. KCB proposed several measures to reduce risks, by reducing the likelihood of a public safety incident. New and upgraded fencing, gates, signage and safety booms were proposed based on specific issues.

This paper will outline the overall methodologies adopted including the processes undertaken to categorize public activities and identify high risk issues that typically included extensive and increasing public interactions with SaskPower’s facilities and their associated lands and structures. The paper will also summarize SaskPower’s action plan to address recommendations and plans for public safety assessments at SaskPower’s other dam sites.

Jickling, J., R. Carrington, N. Ogilvie, B. McGhee and R. Douglas. 2014. “Public Safety Assessment at Boundary and Morrison Dams,” in Canadian Dam Association Annual Conference, 2014 – A Balance of Changing Priorities: Proceedings, Banff, Alberta, October 4-9, 2014 / CDA. Ottawa, ON: CDA (Canadian Dam Association).

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