Steepbank River Valley Geomorphological and Geological Categorization

Natural terrain hazard assessments require the development of geomorphological and engineering geological maps to understand the past and current performance of the natural river valley slopes. This paper outlines the approach adopted for the geomorphological and engineering geological inventory maps developed for the natural riverbank slopes along the Steepbank River Valley escarpment in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The inventory maps document the location and spatial distribution of the observed major slope movements and geological features as well as the current physical conditions of the River Valley escarpment slopes. These maps provide an understanding of the nature and magnitude of the various potential hazards in the natural slopes and are considered to be representative of baseline conditions against which future conditions can be compared. The available aerial photographs and LiDAR-derived topographic contours indicate that on-going regression of the escarpment slopes is occurring as a result of natural processes.

Chen, H.J., R. Charron, D. Hepp, J. MacLean and J. Chen. 2015. “Steepbank River Valley Geomorphological and Geological Categorization,” in: GeoQuébec 2015: 68TH Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 7th Canadian Permafrost Conference, Quebec City, PQ, September 20-23, 2015. Canadian Geotechnical Society.