Reclamation, Closure and Decommissioning

Closure planning is a critical component of a resource project life cycle. One of the guiding principles that Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) follows is that the decisions made during planning, development and operation can have a profound effect on the success of final closure and subsequent relinquishment. A sound risk assessment process and a meaningful stakeholder consultation process are necessary to identify early in the mine life the potential closure risks and opportunities associated with closure.

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Hidden Valley Gold/Silver Mine
Tampakan Copper Mine
Lihir Mine
Antamina Mine
Vale Inco Closure Plans
New Afton Copper/Gold Mine
Kirkland Lake Gold Mine

KCB takes an integrated approach to closure. Our team is made up of engineers, environmental scientists and social and community specialists. We work with companies to ensure that their operations leave behind an enduring positive legacy in the community.

Reclamation and closure planning is routinely incorporated into feasibility studies, operating plans, due diligence assessments and many other areas of our work. KCB provides a broad range of services to assess pre-project conditions, effects assessment, long-term physical and chemical stability of structures, design of reclamation and closure measures, and post-closure monitoring requirements.


  • Preparation of mine closure plans from concept to implementation
  • Assessment of closure requirements and risk assessment
  • Alternatives analysis for assessing various mine or project plan options
  • Preliminary and detailed closure cost estimates
  • Waste characterization and geochemical assessment
  • Surface and groundwater assessment and geotechnical engineering design
  • Wet and dry cover designs
  • Landform evolution assessment
  • Passive and active water treatment system design
  • Closure auditing and due diligence
  • Construction environmental management and monitoring