Social Studies and Community Engagement

Social license to operate refers to the broad acceptance of a project and support of local communities and other key stakeholders in society. The social license can be as valuable as the formal license granted by governments. Environmental impacts may also have social implications (real or perceived) – they may result in changes to community amenity, health or the availability and quality of water and land. In addition, non-technical factors, such as personal value systems, previous experience, levels of trust in information sources and methods, and openness to change all influence how individuals and communities perceive and respond to change. In order to gauge this social risk, consultation must take place, and it must take place early in the project’s life.

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Mica Generating Station Units 5 & 6
Minto Mine TEK and SIA
Quimsacocha Social Baseline Study
Rainy River Baseline Study

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) works with companies to set up and maintain a Stakeholder Management Plan, and to develop a stakeholder management process that identifies and prioritizes stakeholders, analyzes stakeholder requirements, interests and objectives, and defines strategy.

KCB’s team of sociologists, economists and consultation experts are well-versed in community consultation methods and have a breadth of experience in the mining and hydropower sectors. KCB also offers our clients expertise in the interactions between consultation and government regulations, government departments, and review boards, having assisted numerous projects get their social license to operate through building strong relationships with local communities.


  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Socio-economic baseline studies
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement plans and materials
  • First Nations and Indigenous consultation
  • Regulatory management and advisory services
  • Social Impact Assessments
  • Traditional Use and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies
  • Capacity building