Slope Stability and Geohazards

KCB’s team of geo and hydro scientists and engineers have been providing grade and slope stabilization services for major linear transportation infrastructure (roads and railways) for more than 20 years.

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CN Composite Barrier Wall / Rock Shed
Kenville Mine Portal
Lac La Biche Railway Embankment Stabilization

Slope Stability Services:

  • Development of geological, structural and rock mass models for the project area and pit sectors
  • Computer modelling of pit, rock slope and soil or dam and waste dump stability
  • Stability analysis and determination of bench face inter-ramp, and overall pit slope configurations for each design sector (including kinematic and overall stability analyses)

Geohazard Services:

  • Geological conditions that involve long / short term geological processes such as landslides, rockfalls, over-pressured zones, shallow gas accumulation, volcanoes, earthquakes
  • Corridor assessment
  • Landslide, rockslide and debris flow assessments