Mining Solutions

KCB delivers engineering, geoscience and environmental solutions to the mining industry. Our valued clients, some of whom have worked with us for decades, have trusted us with the design, development and closure of some of the most challenging mining operations worldwide.

We offer the practical application of geoscience to mining projects in remote and logistically challenging environments. We can also design and develop the necessary resource infrastructure to move people, transmit power and deliver commodities to your processing plant and tailings storage facilities.

Tailings Management

KCB helped to revolutionize the design of modern tailings storage facilities 50 years ago, and our engineering approach continues to be the hallmark of international practice. Today, we provide solutions for some of the largest, technically challenging tailings storage facilities in the world.

Mine Closure Services

KCB provide life of mine planning services for mine closure, from concept through to construction. We integrate multiple mine closure technical streams to provide long-term solutions that reduce our clients’ mine closure legacy risk. Our broad mine closure services captures end land use planning, risk analysis, mine waste management, cover design, hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, biophysical, cultural heritage and social aspects.

KCB applies the environment-by-design principle by integrating environmental considerations into project planning and design to build successful projects.

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Greens Creek Mine
Hidden Valley Mine
Highland Valley Copper
Jackpine Mine
Ok Tedi Gold Mine

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